“Every race here is high-stakes “: Skippers gear up for Foiling Week

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Buckle up and grab your espresso, because Foiling Week at Lake Garda is firing up with an Italian twist, and it’s all the rave among the world’s top foiling fanatics. As the winds whip over the breathtaking Alpine lake, four seasoned skippers spill the details on what makes this event a can’t-miss spectacle on the sailing calendar.

Charles Dorange, the tactician and skipper of the Blueshift Sailing Team, bubbles with excitement about the regatta. “We’re thrilled to be at Garda for the third Grand Prix of the season with seven teams participating,” Charles explains. The team has been soaking up the Garda vibes and tuning their boat to perfection. Despite unpredictable weather forecasts, Charles is optimistic, “We might face some stormy weather, but we always seem to find a perfect window to sail. And today? Classic Lake Garda conditions are expected by afternoon!”

On the other side of the dock, Liv Mackay of the Live Ocean Racing Team is just as enthusiastic. “Being back here is fantastic; Garda is an incredible place to sail,” she says, after being back from NY where she won the last SailGP event, eyes sparkling with the prospect of challenging races. Liv points out the capricious nature of Garda’s weather, with storms on the horizon adding a twist to their strategies. “We’re preparing for whatever the lake throws at us and aiming to make the most of it, hopefully we get 18 races away.” she adds confidently.

Meanwhile, Maelle Frascari of Geronimo Sailing Team is experiencing her first Foiling Week, and the thrill is palpable. “Handling the fly control is exhilarating; you’re literally at the heart of the action, adjusting the boat’s pitch and foil on the fly,” she describes, a broad smile on her face. Maelle is eager to leverage her position as flight controller to guide her team through the tactical complexities of Lake Garda.

Last but not least, Matthieu Salomon from Entreprises du Morbihan and last year winner of the comeptition here, highlights the intense competition that Lake Garda’s conditions foster. “It’s a beautiful venue that we always enjoy,” Matthieu shares. “The flat waters and winds here allow us to reach high speeds and demand top-notch skills from all teams, ensuring every race is really high-stakes.”


Lake Garda is set to offer a backdrop of spectacular storms and sun, setting the stage for what may just be the most memorable Foiling Week yet. Stay tuned, because if anything is certain, it’s that Lake Garda and the ETF26 series will deliver sailing at its exhilarating best !


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