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Geronimo Sailing Team


Incorporating the essence of the legendary Apache leader Geronimo, the Geronimo Sailing Team epitomizes the enduring spirit of freedom he represented in his valiant resistance against the expansion of the United States into the West for over twenty-five years. This modern project, born from the enduring passion for sailing of the entrepreneur Orlando Taddeo, is a testament to the values that the sport embodies: freedom, sustainability, and teamwork. With a young, recently assembled team comprised of talented members, the initiative reflects Taddeo’s deep commitment to sailing and his desire to foster a sense of unity and advancement within the sport. By symbolically bringing aboard those who resonate with these ideals, the team becomes one with their vessel, ready to embrace the challenges, share the triumphs, and celebrate the victories together. This collaboration not only honors Geronimo’s legacy but also underscores the team’s dedication to promoting the principles of sailing through innovation, competitive spirit, and collective effort, steering the project toward new horizon.


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Sponsors of the team

The team

Age : 24 years old

Federico Colaninno


2x youth world champion

1x world champion swan 50 class

Age : 28 years old

Maelle Frascari

Flight controler

2 x world titles, Nacre 17 Foil, Snipe Juniores F

3 x Bronze mesdals, Snipe World Female Championship Nacra 17 Foil European Championship

Age : 25 years old

Filippo Amonti

Mainsail Trimmer

Trialist for the youth 37th Americas Cup in the Luna Rossa Team

7 out of 9 races podium in the 69F


Orlando Taddeo

Owner / Skipper

Stand of previous seasons

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