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The ETF26 foiling catamaran was designed and developed in 2018 through the vision and initiative of renowned French ocean racer, Jean-Pierre Dick.    With a design lineage loosely based on the hugely successful C-Class catamaran ”Groupama”, and inspired by the America’s Cup AC50 foiling catamarans that competed for the Cup in 2015, the ETF26 is a leading high performance foiling class.

The ETF26 Series takes place every year in Europe, with 5 events held in Spain, France and Italy.   Whilst the majority of sailors are full time / professional athletes, the ETF26 also features a number of amateur crew .   The ETF26 Series has been structured so that crews of (4) female athletes can and do compete on a level playing field with crews of (3) male athletes.  As a result the ETF26 Series has had both mixed gender crews and crews entirely comprising female athletes not only winning races but achieving podium finishes.   The class has therefore attracted a number of high-performance female and youth sailing programmes to its ranks, competing successful in the fleet.


The ETF26 Series features crews from all over the world including France, Great Britain, New Zealand, Denmark, Italy & Finland, with many of the sailors / teams having strong affiliations to and sailing with SailGP teams and America’s Cup teams.  A number of the athletes represent their countries at international level in other classes, and their number include current Olympic medallists, athletes with multiple Olympic campaigns and World Championship winners and competitors.


The ETF26 foils in breezes from 8 knots and above, at boatspeeds up to  2.5x wind speed.   Speeds in excess of 30 knots are commonplace and the fastest recorded speed is 38 knots.    The ETF26 currently foils on reaching and downwind legs, but is constantly evolving.   In 2023, rudder rake adjustment was introduced on the fleet to lower take-off speeds and further increase stability on the foils.   In 2024, re-designed main foils are being trialled with the aim of fleet-wide introduction for the 2025 season and allowing the ETF26 to foil all the way around the racecourse.   All flight and sail controls are entirely manual and will remain so, demanding precision and skill from crews.


Courses are typically similar to SailGP style windward-leeward geometries with a mixture of high speed reaching starts and upwind starts, targeting race lengths of circa 20 minutes and 5 races a day, sailed back to back.   The ETF26 Series also includes coastal races at each venue – longer courses often amongst or around interesting coastal features and islands.

Scoring system

This Low Point System will apply unless the notice of race or sailing instructions specify another system; see rule 90.3(a).

Each boat starting and finishing and not thereafter retiring, being penalized or given redress shall be scored points.

Each boat’s series score shall be the total of her race scores. (A race is completed if scored).

If a series is raced in groups or heats a boats series score shall be divided by the number of races for which she was scored.

The boat with the lowest series score wins and others shall be ranked accordingly.


Become partner

Associating your company with the ETF26 SERIES has many advantages:

  • Participate in the development of a high-flying regatta circuit on foils
  • Meet and support young international sailing champions, both men and women
  • Benefit from an exceptional setting for your public relations operations
  • Give your customers and employees unforgettable moments and emotions
  • Develop your image and reputation through our media.

Our offers

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Main Partner

  • Associate your brand with the name of our circuit and events.
  • Take advantage of a hospitality area to welcome your customers and staff to the race village at our events.
  • Get your guests on board to watch the regattas on a spectator boat.
  • Have your key clients sail aboard the ETF26 for a thrilling experience.
  • Benefit from dedicated photo and video media and visibility on our communication media.

Official Partner

  • Take advantage of a hospitality area to invite your customers and staff to the race village at our events.
  • Bring your guests along to watch the races on a spectator boat.
  • Benefit from dedicated photo and video media and visibility on our communication media.

Official Suppliers

  • Associate your brand with us and take part in our events alongside us. 
  • Benefit from image banks and visibility on our communication media.To find out more, contact us!

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