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As the highly anticipated GP FOILING HYÈRES kicked off, teams and fans were ready for an exhilarating start. However, Mother Nature had other plans. Due to unusually strong winds, the first day’s racing was canceled, ensuring the safety of all participants and boats .

Anne, the race officer for the ETF26 class, explained the challenging conditions: “As you can see, it’s pretty blowing at the moment. We’ve hit gusts of up to 30 knots, deeply touching the limit of what’s possible for racing these boats.” She noted the average wind speeds were consistently around 25 knots, prompting her to make a decisive call. “So, day over! We were expecting that. It’s not a surprise,” she stated.

Understanding the local weather patterns was key in making this decision. “Coming here, knowing the place, I work with the locals who are very good advisers,” Anne added, highlighting the collaboration with local experts who are well-acquainted with the region’s meteorological quirks.

Despite the day’s setbacks, there’s optimism for the days ahead. Anne reassured everyone, “But tomorrow morning it should be fine. We have between 11 and 16 knots predicted after around 10 AM, which is good enough to make five races till noon.”

The race officer’s proactive strategy also included scheduling an early start for the following day to make the most of the favorable morning conditions before the winds intensify again in the afternoon, mirroring today’s pattern. With the promise of milder winds and a full day of races, the teams are eager to demonstrate their skills and adaptability in the dynamic sport of foiling.

Stay tuned as the GP FOILING HYERES is expected to resume with full intensity, bringing together some of the world’s best sailors in a spectacular display of high-performance sailing.

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