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Who said sailing was just about smooth seas and gentle competiton? Certainly not the teams at GP FOILING HYERES, where the Rockwool Racing Teams turned what could have been a breeezless day, into an official danish holiday !

The racing committee managed to operate 5 races through a tricky day marked by less than ideal wind conditions and unpredictable weather patterns.

Let’s set the scene: Anne, our ever-vigilant racing officer, had her hands full. Early in the morning, she didn’t know what to expect, she mused, “It was a pretty tough and difficult day because what we were expecting in terms of wind just wasn’t there.” Stormy conditions onshore canceled on any hope of an early start. “I wondered if we could even do one race this morning because there wasn’t enough wind.” Despite the best efforts to kickstart the competition, the initial race of the morning had to be canceled midway due to insufficient wind, adding to the day’s uncertainties. 

But, as any good story goes, the plot thickened and the breeze started ! After a suspenseful pause on the water, Anne announced, “We had to wait slightly on the water, but we finally had five good races!”  

Enter Rockwool Racing Teams, stars of the day  Rockwool Racing Team 1, aka the ‘black boat’, captured four victories, while their sibling vessel, Rockwool Racing Team 2‘s ‘white boat’, triumphed in the fifth race. Together, they turned a challenging day into a showcase of sheer skill

Now, let’s hear it from Richard Mason, the bowman from Rockwool Racing Team 1, who couldn’t hide his excitement after the races. “We had a very good day today, a bit lighter wind than yesterday but some really good races. We couldn’t do much wrong today. The boat was going really well. It was another awesome day’s racing in the class.”

Richard also shared a chuckle about their past coastal racing adventure in Mar Menor. “It’s been a long time since we’ve done any coastal racing. We went the wrong way last time, so we’re going to try not to do that again. Maybe we’ll follow someone else.” With a wink and a nod, he hinted they might just tail one of the French boats the next day—because when in doubt, follow the locals!

Anne wrapped up the day with a hint towards tomorrow’s final day of competition, “It might be challenging as well”, setting the stage for another day of thrilling races.

As the event progresses, it’s clear that GP Foiling Hyères is not just a test of sailing prowess but also of strategic thinking and teamwork.

With tomorrow being the last day of racing here, the excitement continues to build !



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