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The first day of racing at GP FOILING HYERES set the stage for a series marked by intense competition. The event, known for its high-performance foiling action, did not disappoint, offering a thrilling display of sailing prowess.

Anne, the Racing Officer, provided insights into the logistical and strategic decisions that shaped the day. “We made the decision yesterday to start at ten this morning due to the weather forecast, and it proved to be the right call,” she stated. The race committee managed to run five races successfully, despite the final race turning into what Anne described as “a bit rock n’ roll” due to increasing wind speeds that touched gusts of 22 knots with an average of 18 knots.

Adding to the narrative, Charles Dorange, skipper of the Blueshift Sailing Team and winner of Day 2, shared his experiences from the water. “We had a super first day. The conditions were quite strong, and we were quite comfortable technically “ Charles recounted. His team’s performance was notable, particularly in the robust winds that tested all competitors’ skills and strategies.

Charles highlighted the dynamic competition that unfolded throughout the day: “The last two races were very pleasing because they were the first two races with this new team composition this year. It’s top. We’re happy with the result and we’re really on a good dynamic for the coming days.” 

The competitive balance was evident, as Anne pointed out, “It was a really good day of competition because, for each race, mostly the leader was changing, so there was a lot of balance in the fleet.” This constant shift in leadership ensured that no single team could feel secure at any point, setting the scene for a fiercely competitive series.

Looking ahead, Anne predicted, “Tomorrow will be a fighting day for sure.” This anticipation sets the tone for what promises to be an exhilarating continuation of the GP FOILING HYERES.

As the teams prepare for another day of racing, the blend of tactical ingenuity and raw speed promises more thrilling action at the Mediterranean venue here in Hyères.

Stay tuned as the ETF26 sailors navigate the challenging conditions in pursuit of victory !


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