Foiling Week : races postponed to tomorrow due to light winds

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Today’s scheduled races at the Foiling Week were put on hold as light winds kept the anticipated excitement at bay. Maxime Grimard, Class Secretary of the ETF26 series, shared insights into the day’s challenging conditions.

“Today, we had to cancel the races because the wind just didn’t show up,” explained Grimard. With wind speeds below 8 knots, conditions were far from ideal for sailing. “It was pretty shy all day,” Grimard added,

Teams were primed and ready, waiting on the docks with their boats prepared for action. However, as the day progressed, it became clear that the wind would not cooperate. “There was no point in waiting any longer,” Grimard stated, “We just didn’t get that window of opportunity today,” he continued, noting the impracticality of launching boats only to have them sit idly in the middle of the lake.

Looking ahead, the weather forecast shows promise of change, but as with all elements of nature, it remains uncertain. “It seems that we have a changing weather forecast for tomorrow, but it’s too soon to know what the morning will bring,”

As everyone looks forward to the next day, there is a collective hope for favorable winds that will allow the boats to foil and compete as intended. “Let’s just hope for the best,” Grimard concluded, echoing the sentiments of sailors.

Stay tuned for updates as the Foiling Week continues ! 

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