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As GP FOILING HYERES concludes, the excitement and competitive spirit were palpable, culminating in a thrilling coastal race and two additional races for the last day of here.The event, set against the picturesque backdrop of Hyères and the beautiful island of Porqueroles, was a test of strategy, skill, and adaptability for the competing teams.

Anne, the dedicated Racing Officer, faced challenges with the last day’s lighter-than-expected wind conditions. “It was pretty tough to run the coastal race due to the lightweight wind, which neither me nor the local team expected,” Anne shared. Despite these obstacles, all boats managed to finish in time, narrowly avoiding a Did Not Finish (DNF) scenario. “The place is fantastic to race, and I’m super positive about the global event,” she added, reflecting on the broader success of the competition.

Highlighting the day, Team Rockwool, a relative newcomer to the circuit, emerged victorious, marking their significant progress and determination. Nicolai, skipper of Rockwool Racing Team 1, expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance, “Obviously very happy for Team Rockwool to come away with a win here in the second event.”

Being new to the series has posed its challenges for Rockwool, as Nicolai pointed out, “It’s been a challenge to catch up. And yeah, we still got a bit to go, but we’re definitely improving every day we go sailing.” This sentiment was echoed in his reflections on the level of competition, “It’s high level good racing, and we enjoyed it.”

Looking forward, Nicolai is optimistic about the upcoming Foiling Week in Garda, hoping for favorable foiling conditions and tight competition once again. “I think the ETF 26 is living up to its name—easy to foil. I think anyone can join the class and foil on the first day,” he explained, highlighting the accessibility and competitive equity of the class.

As GP FOILING HYERES wrapped up, the final rankings stood as a testament to the fierce competition and skill displayed throughout the event:

  1. Rockwool Racing Team 1 – 30 points
  2. Blueshift Sailing Team – 36 points
  3. Entreprise du Morbihan – 44 points
  4. Rockwool Racing Team 2 – 45 points
  5. Toroa Racing Team – 50 points
  6. Orient Express L’Oreal Racing Team – 59 points

As the sun sets on Hyères, the anticipation builds for the next event of the season: the Foiling Week, starting on June 29th in the stunning setting of Lake Garda. Prepare for another round of speed racing where the world’s top foiling talent will converge to push the boundaries of speed and strategy on the water. Stay tuned

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