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As the season draws to a close, feelings are mixed among the teams, especially for Manon Audinet, skipper of the Orient Express L’Oréal Racing Team. Reflecting on the last event and the season overall, Audinet shared her thoughts on the challenges and achievem ents that marked their journey.

“It’s a bittersweet feeling,” Manon admits. “While we felt pretty good overall and managed to end on a high note with a great last day, it’s been a week of playing catch-up, which was quite frustrating at times.”

Manon pointed out the high density of competition, especially compared to previous events. “The level of competition here doesn’t leave much room for error. A few mistakes can quickly drop you to the last place, and I think the field was even tighter than in Murcia. You had to be precise and practically flawless.”


Despite not continuing the season due to scheduling conflicts with their preparation for the America’s Cup, the spirit within the team remained upbeat. “We arrived here full of excitement, and I loved every moment of being back on the water, engaging in pure racing. The camaraderie and the spirit of the circuit are truly special, and it’s something I look forward to returning to.”

The ETF26 boat, according to Manon, is a fascinating challenge due to its complex settings. “This boat is intriguing because there are so many adjustments to get right for speed. It’s not just about pulling ropes; you really have to think about the balance—sails, foils, rudders. It requires a lot of work, and that’s what I enjoy, a good challenge.”

Looking to the future, Manon is optimistic about her potential return to the circuit. “We’ve learned a great deal, and these insights will fuel our strategies moving forward. Although we’re stepping away for now, our goal is to return better and more prepared. The potential for foiling upwind and enhancing our tactical plays is something we are eager to explore.”

As they wrap up their participation for the season, Manon and her team look forward to what the future holds, both for them and the evolving dynamics of foiling competitions. “It’s been fantastic to be part of this, and while we’re sad to leave, we’re excited about what we’ve learned and how it will help us in our future endeavors.”

As the GP FOILING HYERES concludes, Manon and her team take with them not just memories of fierce competition and spirited races, but also plans for a return that they hope will see them not just participating, but excelling.

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